As you all know, I am back from my maternity leave. My blog is also up and running for the school year. Here, you will find the AOW's you need to print out weekly. Normally, a new AOW would be posted today, but instead we will be working on an AOW in class that I will print for you, so you can practice the format. I am also posting our weekly class schedule for parents that are concerned about assignments that are due. I look forward to a wonderful year! -Mrs. Diem

Mrs. Diem's Weekly Class Schedule

Monday-Students get new vocabulary words on a worksheet. AOW's are normally due. ALL late AOW's will only get half credit.

Tuesday- Class activity.

Wednesday- Vocabulary worksheets will be collected for a grade. New AOW will be posted on my site. Students need to print and annotate it at home, school or the library. The AOW will be due the following Monday. In class, students will be responding to a writing prompt that accompanies lasts weeks AOW. If they haven't done the previous weeks homework, they will have a hard time responding to the prompt.

Thursday-Class activity.

Friday-Quiz on Monday's vocabulary words.
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Finish Huck Finn annotations
10th grade-

11th grade-
Finish Mark Twain Web-quest. See Mrs. Diem for website address.